How to check projector lamp hour?

projector lamp

All projector lamps are having expected operating time which is also known as lamp life and this value could be expressed in numbers of hours.

For projector which is used under the normal operating conditions, the lamp might have the greatest likelihood of lasting via its entire rated lamp life. Metal halide projector lamp experience gradual dimming of image brightness as the lamp loses pressure and power builds up within the bulb. Some of the preventative measures might minimize the likelihood of your projector lamp failing early such as

  • Don’t allow projector to overheat and main cause of the lamp failure is to excessive temperature stress
  • Allow projector lamp to cool for at least ten minutes after powering down and you might not move projector during this period
  • Operate your projector in the relatively dust free environment and clean in order to prevent clogging of air filters and fans which must be cleaned regularly
  • Never leave projector in very cold or hot environments. For example in a car on winter or summer day

Things to know about projector lamp

In case you are having question about when to replace projector lamp then you can replace it one or two years. The range of the expected life ratings for the projector lamp is to 750 t0 6000 hours with average of 2000 hours.

Majority of the projectors are having a built-in lamp hour counter. Lamp life is affected by air pressure, temperature, altitude, physical impact, and humidity. Make sure that exhaust vent or air intake might not be blocked during operation. Lamp or bulb is the most expensive part of the projector. Do some research which is useful to projector bulbs suitable to your company budget. Lamp life for the projector might vary based on certain factors like installation, application exhaust of hot air, intake of cool air and proper maintenance.

Heat buildup might reduce lamp life and damage your projector. Video projector might demand significant investment from the business. Certain factors might affect the lifetime of the projector. Electronic components of the video projector might last for decades.

Certain factors might affect projector lamp life such as handling, usage cycle, lamp life, ventilation, cleaning and so on. Proper ventilation is the necessary one to both lives of electronics and lamp life in the projector. Vent might require periodic vacuuming which makes sure that it is not blocked with the dust.

How to improve projector bulb life

Surge projector might prevent damage to the projector power supply circuitry. For permanent installations, UPS might ensure proper cool down in event of the power failure. Stable power and good ventilation ensure that long life to electronics.

Some of the newer projectors advertised as the lamp-free or hybrid use laser or led technology instead of the conventional bulb. This kind of the projector is using less power, more rugged and claim lifetimes of the 10000 to 20000 hours. If you are looking to know about projector bulb life then you can search in online. Different kinds of the projector lamps are available like the overhead project, multimedia project, and slide projector.